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4 in 1 convertible magnet with Load Release

Tow Behind • Hang from vehicle Mount for forklift • Push it

Unit features all new Lever action release system for easy unloading of magnetic material. The Trailblazer is constructed with a combination of heavy gauge steel and attractive aluminum tubing. It is a unique magnetic sweeper that can be used almost anywhere. Use it over concrete, asphalt grass or gravel. Attaches to almost any vehicle in under a minute…or push it around job site. Both models will grab an enormous amount of nails, wire, tin and other tire damaging steel.


Trailblazer Deluxe Specifications

Model Magnet Width Overall Width Surface Area Lifting Power Price Shipping Wt. Shipping
TBD-60 60" 67" 240 sq. in. *300 lbs $729.00 85 lbs $90.00
TBD-72 72" 79" 288 sq. in. *350 lbs $769.00 95 lbs $100.00
TBD-84 84" 91" 336 sq. in. *400 lbs $819.00 117 lbs $185.00

Tube size 4"x5". Tow bar length=46" length. Ground clearance=2".
Operating speed=3-8 m.p.h. depending on surface.
*Lifting power is measured by lifting a solid steel bar.

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