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The Multi-Surface Magnet comes with 7" wheels and a removable handle for easy storage. The optional rake loosens metal debris from grass or gravel allowing the magnet to snap them up. Powerful magnets are enclosed in a heavy gauge aluminum shell. This magnet works well over concrete, grass, gravel, etc.


Multi-Surface Magnet Specifications

Model Magnet Width Overall Width Handle Length Lifting Power Price Shipping Wt. Shipping
MSM 30" 36" 48" 60 lbs $149.95 24 lbs $25.00

Attachable Rake: Connects quickly to sweeper's mounting bracket by using existing carriage bolt. Model #RMS Ship Wt = 5 lbs Price $38.99 Shipping $8.00

Mill Finish (Silver Aluminum)

Model Magnet Width Overall Width Lifting Power Price Shipping Wt. Shipping
MSM-24 24" 30" *40 lbs $139.50 21 lbs $25.00
MSM-36 36" 42" *70 lbs $169.50 27 lbs $30.00
MSM-48 48" 54" *90 lbs $189.50 34 lbs $36.00

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