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Enforcer Heavy Duty Tow Behind Magnet

This heavy duty magnetic sweeper contains a triple stack of magnetic blocks for extra lifting power. The unit is constructed with a heavy gauge steel frame and stainless-steel base. The internal magnets are housed in an attractive blue aluminum tube. This high-powered magnet cleans up large areas quickly. Great for driveways-runways-parking lots-lawns-gravel or smooth surfaces*. Constructed of heavy guage steel and aluminum

• Contains 2.6" thick C8 magnets for maximum lifting power.

• Strong grade 8 permanent magnets do not wear out and cost nothing to operate and do not wear out.

• Quick release system dumps load in seconds.

• Mounts to almost any vehicle - from 4-wheelers to pickup trucks.

• One year warranty!

Large base holds up to 1,000 average sized nails.

Flat free tires with grease fittings

Adjustable hitch height for variety of vehicles.

*Lifting power is measured on a solid steel bar covering the entire magnet surface.

*Total area of stainless base is 710 sq. inches.


The Enforcer Tow Behind Specifications
Truck ships only to 48 states

Model Magnet Width Overall Width Surface Area Lifting Power Unit Wt. Price Shipping Wt. Shipping
EN-TB72 72" 86" 432 sq. inches *700 lbs 285 lbs $2499.00 450 lbs $275.00

*Lifting power is measured by lifting a solid steel bar.
Made in USA
Wheel Size 12 inch flat free tires
Ground Clearance 2 inches
Operating speed 5 mph

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